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About Midwest Insurance Pros, LLC

At Midwest Insurance Pros, LLC, our priority is YOU! We proudly serve individuals and businesses across the state of Iowa and dedicate ourselves to providing quality, personal service to each one of our clients. When you work with Midwest Insurance Pros, LLC, you can count on working with a team of expert who will take the time to analyze and understand your personal situation and recommend solutions that will best suit YOUR needs.

At Midwest Insurance Pros, LLC, you get the opportunity to work with a group of experienced independent "non-captive" agents. As independent agents, we have the freedom to represent multiple insurance carriers and offer a wide portfolio of products. How does this benefit YOU? Representing multiple carriers helps eliminate personal bias when it comes to the solutions we offer, and provides you with plenty of options as there is no one insurance plan that suits everyone's needs. We want to be sure you can offer solutions that will suit YOUR needs, as opposed to being limited in the number of products and services we can offer you. In short, we work for YOU! You can count on honest, unbiased advise and trust we will work to improve your situation and earn your business. If your needs change over time, we will be there to help you along the way. In other words, you can count on us!

Our Story

Our Mission

Our mission is simple - we put our clients first. We will always take the time to re-evaluate your situation and will keep you informed when there are industry changes you need to know about. We are there for you when you need us - we will be there to help you when you have questions, and we will be there for you if you needs change. We want to earn your business, your trust, and your respect.

Happy Clients = Happy Agents!

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